Discovering Andaman..

This year (2011) vishnu and I had one of the best vacations. We are not usually good with making long term vacation plans. Whenever we speak about a trip and make plans 4 months in advance, most likely that trip never happens! But this trip was different, we suddenly decided to go somewhere far away and chill out! And in 3 weeks we were on this beautiful trip! I am talking about our awesome trip to Andaman Islands. J Since this trip was for chilling out and to unwind, we decided to just take a readymade package and not bother about exploring stuff ourselves. That’s when came in handy. We picked the 6 day package to Port blair and back.
Discovering Port blair was an interesting experience. The place breathes freedom! (I don’t have any other better way to express that feeling!) Places like the Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Viper Island – fill you with patriotism. Visiting Cellular Jail gave me goose-bumps, not because it looked partially haunted, but it oozed with real stories of freedom fighters. I came out from that place with mixed feelings, feeling of love for the country, feeling of respect for those who sacrificed their lives, feeling of anger for the ruthless british-ers and a feeling of sorrow for what has happened to the country for which so many lives were sacrificed.
Another most incredible part of our trip was Snorkeling @ the Coral Island a.k.a North Bay Island. Initially when people said we could do snorkeling there, I never believed it! I never thought that India actually had well maintained coral beaches to host snorkeling! I was pleasantly surprised with my snorkeling experience. We saw fishes of all sizes and colors, some were really cute and some little scary. J We saw 7 kinds of corals (to me they looked all the same ..:P ) and basically had a good time in the lovely water.  Vishnu and I are now motivated to take swimming seriously and indulge in discovering underwater lifeJ.
It would be unfair if I didn’t mention about the beautiful beaches in Andaman where we had completely forgotten about everyday life and just submitted ourselves to the sea and sand!  The ones we visited are Corbyn’s Cove beach, Coral beach at North Bay Island, Ferar beach @ Ross Island, Chidiya Tapu (south most tip of Andamans to see the sunset), Beach no:5  on the Havelock island. All of these beaches are different in their own special ways.  It was a great sun, sea and sand combination and we absolutely enjoyed the combination J (Now you know where I got such a bad tan from).
I guess I can go on and on about all the lovely things we saw and experienced in this very down-to-earth place. However, I would prefer saying this story through pictures. So, here you go!






Day 6

My special thanks to for really making our trip memorable J and our very helpful driver  Salim bhaiya. And BTW, We plan to go to Andamans again and do scuba diving, and explore north Andamans J


VIshnu said...

Next stop North Andamans. But before that lets see all the other places we we hope to see. :)